A Legendary Classical Musician of African Descent

Samuel Coleridge-Taylor, 1905
This past September 2012 marked the centenary anniversary of the death of the Black English musician Samuel Coleridge-Taylor. Professor Coleridge-Taylor was celebrated in his short (37 years) life as a composer, conductor, teacher, and adjudicator. Early in his career, he met the African American poet Paul Laurence Dunbar and became very interested in exploring African history through music. One of his most popular and famous works was Hiawatha's Wedding Feast. His compositions numbered more than 85 pieces.

If you missed these events, there are 26 videos listed at this site of performances of his works as well as this one above.

During the fall of 2012 there have been commemoration concerts held at Harvard, Virginia State University, The Moores School of Music, and the University of Houston, amongst other places.

The links at the top of the page provide references to articles, biographies, musical notes, and historical contexts about this important and fascinating man.

And, during the 2012-13 operatic season, New Orleans' Opera Creole is also celebrating the Centenary with several performances.
Scene from the opera Thelma performed by the Opera Creole

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