Inspiration from Young Classical Musicians

Chevalier de Saint-George, 1745-1799
The idea of classical music and musicians often conjures up images or thoughts of dead white males, stodgy citizens at gala events, or a sense of irrelevance to modern cultural life. Nothing could further from the truth in any of the above categories!  February has been designated in the US as Black History Month and even though, as far as is concerned, every month is Black History Month, in celebration of this particular month, is offering a special focus on Classical Music in the context of African Americans and people of African descent. (For previous Black History Month specials on, link to this page.)

The website has compiled biographies of 67 classical musicians and a list of Black Classical Artists on YouTube. There is so much interesting information in all of these categories, be sure to check them out and share with family and friends!

Marian Anderson String Quarter
Any art form with a rich tradition can only remain vibrant as long as new, young talent is nurtured and blossoms. This is especially true of classical music in the face of the emergence of wildly popular, easily accessible new musical genres. New young classical musicians require the support of organizations and individuals willing to perform these mentoring roles. An impressive list of these groups, institutions, festivals, as well as a list of artists can be found at this website. For instance, The Marian Anderson String Quartet performs widely across the US and at each venue they give classes and perform in schools, showcasing their talent and being great role models.
From South Africa there are a number of fabulous young opera singers, including Nkosazana Dimande; there are many videos of her performances on YouTube.

 To understand the attraction and importance of opera in the life of a new young star, listen to this compelling TEDxTeen interview with Mteto Maphoyi:
All of these musicians, and all of those linked at, have stories to share, joy to express,  and an abiding care and respect for their craft, as  well as a desire to make sure this rich heritage continues. Spend time perusing, and a remarkable 400 year, four continent legacy will unfold. Perhaps more young people will be inspired to seek out this knowledge and feel that they have a long line of  fellow travelers who will support and guide them.


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